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Valdiguié Red


Oh What Fun!

My Red version of Valdiguié is from the same vineyard (Watson Ranch), and picked at the same time as the Rosé, only made as a red wine. And here is where a winemaker gets to play! I wanted to see what this grape could be when made with finesse, and a light touch. It is so floral up front, but the cherry and dried raspberry notes quickly fill in. The palate is juicy, with a nice light tannin and some brown spices lingering in the background. This wine can be as fun or as serious as you want it to be; it is so delicious and quaffable, but shows serious depth and interest if you take the time to savor.

2016 Valdiguié, Watson Ranch, Dry Creek Valley

Harvested September 14th, 2016, Brix 21.4, TA 0.53, pH 3.5. These grapes are hand harvested first thing in the morning while they are still chilled from the previous night. When they get to the winery, I keep them in the 1/2 ton bins the fruit was picked into, I cover them with dry ice for protection, and seal them up with plastic to start carbonic or whole cluster fermentation. Every day for 3 days I add more dry ice, then seal the bins back up. On the fourth day I open up the bins and foot tread to break up some of the clusters (my kids often help with this, you'll find a photo in the gallery) and release some juice to start primary fermentation. I love this combination of fermentations. The carbonic brings bright and juicy watermelon, the standard fermentation bring a little depth and structure. The fermentations are all native, and once the juice is close to dryness I press it off and transfer the juice to neutral oak for 10 months. This wine was bottled on July 7th, 2017, 49 cases produced.